60 Fantastic Rock Painting Ideas For Kids

60 Fantastic Rock Painting Ideas For Kids (36)

The rock is part of a community effort taking off in cities across America even throughout the world. People paint rocks and leave them in public places for others to find. Sometimes the rocks have inspirational messages, other times they are simply decorated to brighten someone’s day as the ladybug did to me. Are you wondering if your town has started this initiative? Go to Facebook and type in “(the name of your town) rocks” and look for a Facebook page with that name. We live in Jupiter and Jupiter Rocks! is a popular Facebook page where people share pictures of their finds. There are also posts left by the rock-painters, hinting of their rocks’ whereabouts.

All in all, this initiative is a wonderful way to bring the community together and teach kids the value of spreading unsolicited random acts of kindness. This summer, we will paint rocks and share them with unsuspecting neighbors, in hopes that our creations brighten their day. I gathered a wonderful list of rock painting ideas and activities for kids (of all ages). Be sure to bookmark this page, so you won’t run out of inspiration ever.

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