50 Stunning Living Room Wall Art Ideas And Decorations

If your home is full of blank walls just waiting to be filled with unique artworks, wall hangings, and décor, the time to curate your space is now. “It is never too soon to invest in a major piece of art,” says New York based designer Sasha Bikoff, a master in decorating unique, personality packed rooms. “Unlike furniture, wallpaper, rugs, or any other décor in a space, art is forever. It is important to buy only what appeals to you rather than buying a piece because it matches a room in your home,” she says. Before you pick up a hammer and nails, take a look at some of these living room wall décor ideas. Inspiration awaits.

Get inspired by the objects around you and proudly display personal effects by strategically leaning them against a blank wall in the living room. “I like using items that are unique and a little unorthodox when it comes to decorating a wall,” says Bikoff. Here, surfboards make for a casual wall decoration that’s also functional if you’re an avid surfer. If your sporting equipment doesn’t feel as chic as these boards, try leaning a large artwork or mirror instead.

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