40 Awesome Halloween Wedding Decoration Ideas

40 Awesome Halloween Wedding Decoration Ideas (9)

Halloween-themed weddings don’t have to mean an orange and black color palette and spooky centerpieces. From black gothic wedding dresses to cemetery ceremonies, these Halloween wedding ideas for fall embrace the darker side of life, without being overly macabre. ‘Til death do us part, indeed. The problem with most Halloween decor, however, is that it tends to look childlike or too commercial if it’s not done right. Stay away from anything plastic (or bright, bright orange) when looking for Halloween decor, and instead use colors like gold, orange, white, and black as a subtle inspiration for some ghouly decor. That’s not to say that you can’t show off a few skulls or skeletons at your Halloween wedding! The trick is to not overdue them, and when displaying any of these classic Halloween items, to add something to them (like the jeweled skeleton) to make them fit in at a dressier event like a wedding.
I went searching for my favorite Halloween wedding ideas in the gallery, above. I think they all strike the perfect balance between fun and elegant, and are still pretty! Just remember…if there’s anything you don’t want to leave out at a Halloween wedding it’s CANDLES. Lots and lots of candles. It wouldn’t be a spooky celebration without them. Here are 40 ways to make your Halloween wedding truly spooktacular.

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