30 Halloween Wedding Classy Ideas

30 Halloween Wedding Classy Ideas (7)

Here’s how to incorporate your favorite Halloween details into your wedding. From your gown to your getaway car and everything in between, there are so many creative ways to tie Halloween wedding ideas into your day-of details. For Halloween superfans, take the full-on Halloween-themed wedding route and fill your ceremony and reception venues with pumpkins, cobwebs, vines, various inky hues and other spooky touches. But even if you love Halloween, you don’t have to go quite so over the top if that’s not your style. Include more subtle nods to the autumn holiday—stick to Halloween wedding shoes hidden under your dress or hand out Halloween wedding favors at the end of the night. The perfect Halloween wedding ideas for your day are closer than you think—check out our favorites right here.

Each year it seems like more and more couples are getting super creative for their wedding day. From off-beat brides to punk rock weddings, October seems to be the month for Gothic weddings and Halloween inspired décor. Find out some really fun and creative ways to give your October wedding a spooky yet classy feel. Halloween or Goth-inspired weddings don’t always have to be creepy and dark…they can be inspired by the Victorian era or even the fall season. Whether you choose to theme-up your décor with pumpkins and skulls, or down-play with deep-rich earthy tones; don’t forget to add a little of your own personality to your special day.

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